Did you know we can help you or your spouse stop snoring?

87 Million Americans snore, so you are not alone, however, you could be in danger. 40 million Americans are chronic sufferers of sleep disorders, but only 10% have been treated or diagnosed. Snoring occurs when the airway or passage through which you breathe becomes partially blocked. This happens when your tongue falls back as you drift off into deeper sleep. In many cases, snoring is minor and your body continues to get adequate amounts of oxygen, causing little or no harm, although your bed partner my disagree. Snoring can also be a red flag for an early sign of “Obstructive Sleep Apnea” (OSA). The average life expectancy of a person undiagnosed with OSA is 55 years. Most all sleep apnea sufferers snore in between bouts of apnea, or oxygen interruption. Some of the common side effects of OSA include

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