Smile Makeover and Smile Facelift

Your smile sends a message to everyone you meet, so make sure it communicates poise and confidence. If you want to update your appearance, consider a smile makeover, a term used for a combination of dental procedures that will result in a gorgeous smile. Reno cosmetic dentist Manuel Tjoa DDS believes each patient deserves a customized plan to address their smile goals and needs. Combining cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, Dr. Tjoa can generate exceptional results that will change your life. Modern advancements, materials, and techniques have made it easier and safer than ever to attain the smile of your dreams.

For more information on Smile Makeover procedures, please contact Dr. Manuel Tjoa in our Reno Nevada area practice.


Smile Makeover Options

Patients who choose the smile makeover process can look forward to improved functionality, healthier teeth and gums, and a fantastic smile. During the initial conference, Dr. Tjoa will talk with you to hear your goals, answer questions, and create a personalized treatment plan designed to produce the gorgeous results. Dr. Tjoa can remove flaws such as cracks, discolorations, missing teeth, and misalignment. Depending on your situation, Dr. Tjoa may recommend a combination of procedures, but he will only suggest treatments options necessary for your desired outcome, like:

We customize each smile makeover to fit the individual case, and Dr. Tjoa will explain all treatments before any procedures begin. With a smile makeover, we can boost self-esteem, improve oral health, and transform your appearance. Let Dr. Tjoa craft a customized plan that will produce healthier teeth and a magnificent smile!


Dr. Tjoa is a smile makeover dentist in Reno, NV

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