Teeth Whitening

One of the easiest ways to revitalize your smile is teeth whitening. Safe and effective, teeth whitening can erase stains and take years off your appearance. For patients who want to whiten at their leisure, we offer at-home or tray whitening kits, which allow you to control the level of brightness while restoring your youthful appearance. People who want immediate, dramatic results may choose the Zoom® teeth whitening procedure. This quick, in-office treatment can lighten teeth up to 10 shades and give you a more radiant smile. At our Reno, NV dental office  Dr. Manuel Tjoa offers both in-office and take-home options for patients.

To schedule a consultation and discuss your teeth whitening options with Dr. Tjoa, please contact our office today.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

During the first visit to our practice, we will give you a tour of the office and then you will have a personal consultation with Dr. Tjoa. At this appointment, Dr. Tjoa will listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and discuss any issues that you may have. After completing an assessment, Dr. Tjoa will take molds of your teeth for the custom whitening trays if you decide to use at-home teeth whitening for a brighter smile.

A dental lab will generate the custom teeth whitening trays, and then Dr. Tjoa will give you detailed information on how to use the whitening gel and trays at home. Not only allow can you whiten teeth when your schedule permits with at-home whitening kits, but you can also choose to whiten until you reach the perfect shade. Take-home whitening products deliver lasting beauty, but keep your trays for periodic touch ups.

The Zoom® Teeth Whitening Procedure

With time, your smile begins to dull. Coffee drinking, tobacco use, or other factors can also make your teeth look darker. For a brilliant, youthful glow, consider Zoom® teeth whitening treatment. The  Zoom® teeth whitening process starts in a similar manner as with tray whitening; patients receive a detailed exam and have an extensive conversation with Dr. Tjoa about goals and expectations.  During the first step, your gums and lips are covered for protection; then, we will coat the surface of your teeth with a thin layer of whitening gel. Dr. Tjoa will use a low-intensity light to activate the bleaching solution. Zoom® whitening lightens the layers of enamel and dentin, which brighten your teeth.

During one appointment, Zoom® teeth whitening can lighten teeth approximately ten shades. In general, the visit lasts about an hour, and you will leave the office with a dazzling smile.

Achieve the movie-star smile you’ve been dreaming of with Zoom® teeth whitening treatment at our Reno, NV dentists office. Contact our office today with any questions you may have or to make a consultation appointment.

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