Sleep (Sedation) Dentistry

Conservative estimates suggest that as many as 40 million Americans don’t visit the dentist because of fear or anxiety. Don’t let these feelings stop you from getting the care you need. Dr. Tjoa can address your concerns and rejuvenate your smile. Also known as sedation dentistry, sleep dentistry allows patients to undergo major and minor dental procedures without discomfort, right here in our Reno Nevada dental office. With Dr. Tjoa’s sleep dentistry techniques, most people enter a state of such complete relaxation that they don’t even realize Dr. Tjoa started the procedure until he has completed the work.

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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

If you choose sedation dentistry, I.V. sedation is one option, but you have another choice as well. Many patients decide to experience a peaceful, anxiety-free dental appointment with just one tiny pill, which you take about one hour before the appointment. Because the medication will make you feel drowsy, a responsible adult should accompany you to and from our office.
As treatment begins, the patient enters a state of peacefulness, but not total sleep. A member of our team will watch your vital signs and make sure you feel alright throughout the procedure. After Dr. Tjoa completes the procedure, you may not even remember your time in the dentist’s chair. Usually, oral conscious sedation lingers for about two to six hours.

Sleep dentistry lets Dr. Tjoa ensure that patients not only have anxiety-free visits, but also pleasant experiences as well. In fact, sedation dentistry can mean the difference between dental problems that will keep getting worse or magnificent smiles for life.

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